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Now, you wont miss espn, SP3, 6, african magic, mtv, trace, setanta, star tv, fashion, mcm, channel o, mnet, cartoon network, and many many more.

i am bringing you a breakthrough in your soccer life & entertainment life. It touches me when people like me who knows the thrive we derive from watching our clubs perform every weekend and weekdays and at the end, we only hear the scores without watching the matches.....thats too bad. As the premier league and some other european leagues has already started, some of us have still yet not secured our dstv, hitv and or mytv decoders nor subscribed to the monthly bills so that we can watch our great soccer channels maybe due to the cost, or even the space to mount the digital sat receivers (disc).

one time ago, i called one guy and told him that i need the dstv on my laptop lastyear and he ended up giving me one internet tv download link afterpaying him N5,500 for the software. though i enjoyed this for sometime, but some guys i gave it to complained.

then i decided to go into a research with the help of the experience i have had in the internet world. After my research, early this month, luckily for me i found the real software for watching dstv channels on computer.

the next problem was that i have to recharge this software when it connects to the internet before i can watch paid channels. So, i was now looking for the code i can use to crack this dstv software so that it won't ask me for my smart card number nor my recharge pin anymore. finally, with the help of some gurus, i finally got the code for cracking it.

Now, i can now watch all my channels free, i don't have to put in the smart card number nor even my recharge pin before it can allow my access to paid channels like African magic, setanta sports, Ait, Espn, at&t, super sports, goal tv, mtv, trace, soccer net....etc.

The most entertaining part of it is that even if you have a low speed internet connection, you will also enjoy the channels not like the other internet tvs that does not work with low internet connections but this dstv software works very well since the streaming rate is between 7.5Kbs to 480.78 Kbs, this means that any internet connection that runs up to 7.5 kbs will watch all the dstv channels properly without any buffering.

I guess the lowest connection now is Jondo that runs up to 10.67 kbs streaming, psiphon runs to 41 kbs streaming not to talk more of Your-Freedom software that runs up to 64 kbs for free users, 256 kbs for basic users, enhanced users run up to 4 mbs not to talk more of Total users that have unlimited bandwith streaming. This means that you don't have to worry to get a broadband connection or high speed internet or even DSL connections to watch it.

I will also use this time to do a "free internet browsing on pc give away" to all my clients so that you don't have an internet connection will not be the reason you are not watching your favorite matches plus other cool tv shows. whaooooo, at last you and i can now watch our favourite european clubs as they play live (premier league, spainish league, french leaugue, italianleauge, champions league, uefa cup, nollywood movies, hollywood, 247 music, shows, etc) all these for free!!!.
hey dude, is this not amazing?

NOTE: if you have bought any of those internet tv softwares from some other marketers, i guess this is just the time to put a real beauty on your screen.

so, i will be giving out this software and its cracking code for just N5,000.
now if your interested in getting the package, then give me a call on 08063669662 and the payment details will be forwarded to you.
transaction method:
now if you want to get this wonderful package, this is how we are going to do it:
you are going to pay throygh the bank of which i am gonna send you my account details when you want pay which you can get by calling me 08063669662.
then after your payment, you will then send a text message with the following contents: (teller number, service paid for and your email address) to my cell phone number which is 08063669662.
i will then get your payment confirmed with the bank mobile alert.
within few minutes of your payment, the package will be sent to your inbox as attachment.
the package contains the dstv software, its crack code and the setup manual.

so pick your phone right now and call 08063669662.
Friendly Regards,


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